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About " Vocal Art Studio"

Vocal Art Studio is a studio where you can get vocal, dance, and drama training for all levels of experience.

We have soundproof classrooms with pianos and microphone systems, a spacious dance floor surrounded with plush mirrors, and a professional sound system.

Vocal Art Studio can compete with the best studios found in Manhattan but, for your convenience, it is located here in the heart of Brooklyn.

Vocal Art Studio students are guaranteed the best instructions, the best facilities, and the best equipment in preparation for the professional stage.

Today’s entertainment industry not only requires a quality vocal performance but it also requires a stage presence and a skill of working with the microphone as well. Young performers need a professional environment to perfect their skills. Vocal Art Studio provides you with everything you need and more.

With our vocal lessons, students are able to build and expand their repertoire as well as practice their songs using professional microphone techniques and a professional sound system. Our spacious dance studio, with 360 degree mirrors all around the room, is the best practice venue to prepare you for a big-stage appearance.

This is the first and only studio that provides you with a complete set of instructions for participation in any kind of music competition, stage performance, TV appearance, audition, or any other similar situation.

If you are looking for the right place for either you or your children to discover and expand their abilities to their best, there is only one place in Brooklyn: Vocal Art Studio

Private Vocal

Finding the right vocal coach is the key ingredient to success and the comprehension of music in general. Here at Vocal Art Studio, we offer a personal approach to every individual by meeting every one of their needs and peculiarities. Anybody, from age 3 to age 93 and regardless of their singing experience or background, will get personalized training that will bring their talent to its very best. The teaching process is based on the author’s method for the development of hearing, diction, and speech correction. It is also based on the author’s learning system of breathing vocal techniques for Pre-K children (3 years old and over).

Dance a�� Stage Presentation Lessons

Voice by itself is just one piece of the puzzle. The singer must own the stage to be a true performer. Stage presentation class is the place where singing becomes the performance. The class is taught by professional musical theater teachers with Broadway and international stage experience. Your child will learn body language, movement technique, different styles of dance, facial expressions, and stage presentation. You will learn everything that it takes to become a real star.


Every Saturday at Vocal Art Studio, we have two hour group classes that combine vocal and dance training. There are two age groups. The first one is called «Our Talented Future» and it is for kids from ages 3 to 5. The second one is called «Troublemakers» and it is for children from ages 6 to 10.
Group classes are different from private lessons. The goal of a group class is to teach kids to work with each other and to be part of a team. Nowadays, possessing communication skills is necessary for feeling comfortable, respected amongst your peers, and being a valuable part of society.

Gifted and Talented Tests

Vocal Art Studio offers an intensive special program that prepares children for Gifted and Talented exams. Our carefully designed six month course will train students in the vocal, drama, and dance areas of performing arts. Classes are scheduled to begin on June 1st. With the guidance and expertise of our team of instructors, your child will be ready to shine on his/her important day. We guarantee that students will be at their best on the day of their test and will gain new confidence as performers. There are a limited number of spots in our program so be sure to register your child soon.


Learn from the alumni of Berklee College of Music. Classes are based on the experiences of both Russian and American systems of training in various fields including basic/advanced theory, ear training, and classical/jazz harmony. Not only can kids learn to play scales and simple tunes, but they will also develop unique skills through a multi-dimensional way of thinking. It’s a well-known fact that your ability to hear the pitch requires nothing more than memory of certain waveforms. By teaching your children how to identify musical notations, intervals, and chords, you’re setting up their overall performance on tests of absolutely any kind.

American and international competitions

«Vocal Art Studio»is the only studio that collaborates with many American and international competitions, such as «Our Talented Children», «Carribean Gold»,»Roza Vetrov», «Trixi», «Buen Voyage», «Berlina Perl», etc. Not only you are getting the best training for Vocal competitions but also, in «Vocal Art Studio» we train you children and get them ready to be a part of Broadway and off Broadway shows, such as «Dona��t worry be Jewish». We are very proud of our students who have been winning and participating in major vocal competitions and projects all over the world. Vocal Art Studio is the only place where you can get an opportunity to be a part of it all.


Attention to all of our Karaoke fans! Would you like to sing professionally, enjoy an unforgettable night in a Karaoke Club, and blow everyone away? We can put you on the right track! Choose your favorite song and we’ll help you become a star! We offer rehearsal classes directed by skilled vocal coaches who will make your favorite songs sound like great hits. Our professional staff uses top of the art equipment and microphones that will help you sound like a star! Now your friends can enjoy listening to you sing your favorite songs at any karaoke club in town. Besides using your new skills in a karaoke club, YOU a�� our wonderful parents and friends a�� will be able to perform with your child on the big stage at our wonderful and much enjoyed yearly concerts. Please come join our team and you will not regret it!

Meet The Founder / Director

Vocal Art Studio was founded in 2003 by Svetlana Plaksunova (professional musician, vocal teacher/coach). She is the founder and Art director of Vocal Art Studio NY. She is also a producer of international competitions, a TV and radio host, and both a member and a chairperson of American and European vocal competitions. Svetlana graduated with honors from Dankevich Musical College and Ushinsky University, and she has been teaching since 1988. Svetlana has also been a member of the American Association of Educators (NYCTA) since 2004 and she is a three time winner of the "Teacher of the Year" award. Her input has received recognition from the New York City Mayor's Office and New York State Congressmen.

The goal of Vocal Art Studio is to give professional training to children who want to perform on big stages as well as compete and win various American and International competitions. We are here to prepare them for the process of enrollment into prestigious American schools and colleges. We can also prepare them for eventual work on Broadway.

"My students can win!" – That is the motto of Svetlana Plaksunova….the proud working owner of Vocal Art Studio located on the third floor of 1682 East 13th Street right off Kings Highway in Brooklyn, New York.

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  • Private vocal,
    Stage presentation class

  • $50USD 45 min
  • Private Piano,
    Drama Class

  • $50USD 45 min
  • Group Class

  • $50USD 90 min
  • Vocal - 45 min
    Stage Presentation - 45 min
  • Master Class

  • $75USD 45 min

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Катя Рюмина

Моему ребенку 6.5 лет. Как любая мать-блондинка, я хочу для него самого лучшего. Но как выбрать лучшее из лучшего? На фестивале русской недели я познакомилась с директором школы Vocal Art Studio NY Светланой Плаксуновой. Света пригласила меня на бесплатный урок музыки для Данилы. Сегодня ровно в 4 часа дня мы зашли в красивую и светлую студию. Нас встретил Саша Ратманский- удивительный человек и профессиональный пианист с большой буквы. Саша спросил у Данилы хочет ли он петь или играть. Данила сказал, что он устал и хочет спать. Я поняла, что Шаляпина из нас не выйдет. Моцарта подавно. Я сложила крылья. И TOP SEO тут к нам зашла Светлана. Красивая, статная, волевая. Я невольно выпрямила спину. Светлана взяла аккорд. Данила запел. все было четко, в то же время игриво. В следующий понедельник мы будем учить ноты. Как я рада, что ребенок будет великим пианистом. Пусть на час в неделю. Но великим. Потому что в этой школе каждый ребенок- уникальный алмаз, который проходит через огранку мудрости, уважения и профессионализма.

Greg Gelfand

Great Vocal Art studio!!! My daughter loves coming every Saturday for a group sing/dance lesson.

Lana Lucas

Choosing Vocal Art Studio was the best choice I made for my son Lyle. His vocal skills have been improved tremendously. We are so grateful for Sveta’s knowledge and techniques in teaching vocal art!!!

Inga Manto

Ever since our daughter started going into Vocal Art Studio, her vocal skills have improved, her confidence sky-rocketed. She is able to take notes that we haven’t heard her taking before. Going to Sveta’s classes has been a rewarding experience for us.Our Location Our daughter’s singing talents have flourished under Sveta’s supervision and guidance. We can’t be grateful enough to have found such an amazing teacher!!!!! TOP SEO

Ernee Anderson

This vocal school is at the TOP of my list. The children are well trained and their voicesTOP SEO are immaculate.

Sima Karetnaya

Highly professional approach and delicate competence in locating talents in the smallest children makes Vocal Art Studio one and only in terms of growing independent, sociable, confident stars, not only on stage, but in life! Thank you Sveta!!!

Diana Zavyalov

We love Vocal Art Studios. Lessons are very professional. It is always surprising to see kids on a concerts with fully professional artistic numbers. My daughter has a lot of problems with her vocal cords. She was sick at least once a month. With her vocal classes she stretches her cords. Thus, vocal lessons became our throat therapy in addition. All my nieces and nephews grew with Vocal Arts Studios. Thank you, Sveta, for your great effort, for your hard work.

Yesayan Maga

Vocal Art Studio has helped me develop my vocal abilities and general artistry. They have given me the confidence to take on vocal ranges which I didn't know were inside of me. They've become my mentors from whom I've gained great inspiration. And for that, I am very grateful!

nga Novak

My son is 17 years old, he has been going to Vocal Art Studio since he was a little boy. This school and the teachers are amazing!!!! Svetlana Plaksunova who is the Owner, Art Director and an Amazing and Extremely talented Vocal Coach of this school teamed up with other equally talented teachers and coaches. I would highly recommend this school to everyone!!!!!

Simona Meynekhdrun

Words cannot even express how much I love Vocal Art Studio! I attended lessons with Sveta for many years, and she helped me not only expand my vocal repertoire but also learn to feel more comfortable as a performer. She is extremely knowledgeable about the arts, and always made made me feel encouraged and capable as a vocalist. Through her studio and partner organizations, I received incredible opportunities to not only participate in the annual Our Talented Children concerts, but also to travel to other countries such as Spain, Israel and the Dominican Republic to compete and perform. Along the way, I have also made some amazing friends, all of which I could not have done if it were not for Sveta or the Vocal Art Studio :)

Bella Kushnir

Have been going to vocal art studio for 6 mo, my 4 yo daughter absolutely loves it. Teachers are excellent , individual attention even during group lessons. Classes are fun and interactive, and during the concert kids are real stars!

Goara Gabriella Volshteyn

My daughter has been attending the studio for the past 4 years. We are very happy. Kids love participating in all concerts and events. Svetlana is a very energetic, passionate and enthusiastic leader.

Elizaveta Kimel

Wonderful school, great teachers, determined staff!!! Always a pleasure bringing my daughter here!!!

Irina Milshteyn

Best place for children start and learn beauty of music vocal arts and dancing. Always look forward to see concerts and shows . As soon as my grandson turn 3 ill bring him to vocal art studio to learn how to sing and play piano.

Svetlana Landa

The best vocal school for kids!!!! Thank you very much Sveta!!!!

Angelina S

Both of my kids love Vocal Art! Great program, amazing teachers!

Sabrina Bronstein

I highly recommend taking your child here because the love & warmth that the teachers show your children only parents would know. These teachers are extremely talented & give their all to our children/students...time, devotion & dedication! I live in NJ and the drive for me once a week is a pain...yes we have plenty of vocal instructors here but the environment that my daughter is in when she us at Vocal Art Studio is simply one of a kind! Thank you to all the teachers for being the way you are...you're simply the best!

Angela Kikhney

Highly recommend the teachers are fantastic

Pustovalova Mariya

This place feels like a second home. Here you are always greeted like a long awaited guest, challenged to perform at your fullest potential, and of course , loved for who you are. Thanks to the best teachers.

Michelle Kopylov

Rachael loves vocal art! We are so excited to start our third year with our amazing teachers!


1682 East 13 str, 3rd floor Brooklyn,NY,11229
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